Midnight in Paris

The other night I went and saw Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris. It was a beautiful movie. It's whimsical, nostalgic and unapologetically shows off Paris. It was a close to a holiday as I'm going to get this year, and it was nearly as good :p

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Owen Wilson was surprisingly good. I guess I always pigeon-holed him as the goofy type, but he was charmingly neurotic in Midnight in Paris.

There's been some criticism that Midnight in Paris is too corny, but I found that the nostalgia the film emits prevented it from slipping into cheesiness. If you like realistic movies, this probably isn't the one for you.

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If you can't make it to Paris this year, go see Midnight in Paris instead. Oh, and brush up on your Lost Generation literature before you go.


  1. I need to see this movieeee!!!!
    You just made me want to go see it even more.
    I was a little worried about the whole Owen Wilson thing... lol

    Great blog lady.


  2. I haven''t seen this movie, but I love that first photo!



  3. Thank you girls. It was a great movie, I was longing to go back to Paris every scene.