When we first moved into our current apartment (about three months ago now), the sight of the kitchen made my heart sink. It was filthy. However two days of scrubbing and a new coat of paint made it feel clean and useable. It still has its flaws that can't really be fixed (e.g. no bench space), but a few little changes here and there have made me feel more comfortable in my tiny kitchen.

There used to be grimy 'white' plastic doorknobs on the kitchen cupboards. I changed them up for these cute ceramic knobs I picked up at an antiques store in the Blue Mountains. It's the little things that make all the difference.

Here are a few other doorknobs that I would have been equally as happy to have in my kitchen.

Anthropologie Mother-of-Pearl knob - $14
Vintage inspired numbered knobs from Vintage Skye on Etsy - $7

See more gorgeous doorknobs on my Pintrest board.

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