Food Trucks

When I lived in California, one of the things I loved were the food trucks. They are few and far between here in Australia, except for the old Mr Whippy vans:
Mr Whippy in 1963

We have some food trucks in Australia, but they all seem to be stationary. Like the old-faithful Harry's Cafe de Wheels, with its Tiger pie:
Image source

And Brodburger in Canberra, that serves up delicious burgers:
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So, what are we missing out on here in Australia? Well, my favourite food truck from California - Kogi BBQ truck, serves a fusion of Korean and Mexican, like Spicy Chicken Tacos:

Can't wait 'til food trucks make it big here in Australia. Here are some foods that would be amazing for a late night snack on the road. And here's a great article from the SBS about why food trucks haven't made it to Australia yet.

What foods would you like to see roaming our streets? And are there some that I haven't heard about? If you know, please let me in on it!